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June 2, 2011

Published 8:59 AM by Jason Oxenham with 1 comment


Parrot -Alan Brownjohn

Sometimes I sit with both eyes closed,
But all the same, I've heard;
They're saying ' "He won't talk because
He is a thinking bird."

I'm olive green and sulky, and
The family say,"Oh yes,
He's silent but he is listening
He thinks more than he says"

He ponders on the thing he hears,
preferring not to chatter!"
And this is true , but why it's true
Is quite another matter.

I'm working on some shocking things
In order to surprise them,
And when my thoughts are ready I'll
Certainly not disguise them!

I'll wait and see and choose a time
When everyone is present,
And clear my throat and raise my beak
And give a squawk and start to speak
And go on for about a week
And it will not be pleasant

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1 comment:

  1. This was very useful for me to teach my students. Thank you good job. Maheshini