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June 2, 2011

Published 9:39 AM by Jason Oxenham with 6 comments

Parrot Theme

I kindly ask you to enjoy the poem "Parrot" before follow this post

OK. Now I think you have idea about theme of parrot(Humor poem by Alan Brownjohn). See what I think.may be my facts are not good enough as you. OK this what I think.

Comment on the theme of the poem. How is the theme conveyed?
                               Referring to the poem "Parrot" by Alon Brownjohn, we come to understand that the poet uses the cruelness of  people towards animals as the theme of the poem. We notice the satisfaction of the people by caging a parrot and expects his performances according to their needs.They want the bird to behave in that such a way so that they can be happy.There is nothing to bird to do other than sitting with both eye closed.
                     "Sometime I sit with both eyes closed "
But the family members expect more..
than this. They want a bird who is very active and behaves to suit the human needs. It can be understood when people say ,
                        "He won't talk
                        Because he's thinking bird"

According to my opinion it is very unreasonable to satisfy human needs by caging birds. Its freedom is limited to a small space that he can't behave as he likes. It's question as readers why the animals are caged like this. It rally shows the cruelness of man. Not only that the man tries to change the behavioral pattern of the bird as well. They hope to keep their pet in higher level to maintain their social status. It seems that the family members speak very highly about the bird.

                   "He ponders on the thing he hears
                    Preferring not to chatter"

Forcing an animal to behave in an unusual manner really shows the cruelness of man. Therefore Alan Brownjohn shows the readers how cruel people are to the animals.
                                 In composing to the poem, the poet has employed the narrative style. The poem seems to be very dramatic as well. So that he creates images of both an innocent parrot and cruel house members. Therefore reading the poem with much care, we begin to hate the cruel people and feel sympathy towards the innocent animal. The poet use very simple  words and language to make the poem more fruitful with the devices which we discussed the above. Alan Brownjohn brings to our focus the them of main man's cruelness in vivid manner.     
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  1. Very Useful to learn in school.

  2. This is the best article

  3. there's more to it than the cruelty of humans... but it pretty much sums it up :/

  4. am not quite sure about the theme which is conveyed here..i just wanna knw dat whether it says about the caging or usage of un polite language??