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June 9, 2011

Published 10:56 AM by Jason Oxenham with 4 comments

Monkeys - Punyakante Wijenaike

Monkeys - Punyakante Wijenaike 
In here I have no authority to give the prose monkey. Because it is not my creation or it is not belong to me.Here I am going to discuss few question regarding prose "Monkeys".In this post I only give you a question regarding prose. In another post I will give you my answer for that question.Also bellow I have given you a small details about Moneys owner Punyakante Wijenaike.

here is the question
Describe The role played by the little Samanera.

as every time I ask please make your answer first and then compare it with my one. If you do as I guide,
one day your answer will become best answer than all others .click here for my answer.

Punyakante Wijenaike
Punyakante Wijenaike, one of Sri Lanka's best-known English writers, was born in Colombo in 1933. Her writing is recognized for its simple yet powerful style, which holds the reader's attention. She published her first collection of short stories, The Third Woman, in 1963. Since then, she has published six novels and four collections of short stories, with more than 100 stories published in newspapers, journals and anthologies locally and internationally as well as broadcast in Sri Lanka and on BBC.
Although she has spent most of her life in Colombo, she initially used rural villages as her theme, only later turning to urban themes. Her writings highlight, "the tyranny of a community or a group towards its weaker members." Her 1998 novel, An Enemy Within, uncovers "the masks that tend to hide the reality of present times."
Her novel Giraya was adapted into a teledrama. She was awarded the Woman of Achievement Award in 1985. The rank of 'Kalasuri Class 1' (literary achievement) was conferred on her by the Government of Sri Lanka in 1988. In 1994 she won the Gratiaen Award for her novel Amulet and in 1996, the Commonwealth Short Story Competition for Radio along with a joint winner from Sierra Leone.
The Library of Congress has ten works by her.
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  1. please describe me the charactor of the chief priest. it means what are the negative characterictics and the possitive

  2. nayinte monee ninte achaan thumhara bhaaap