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June 2, 2011

Published 8:11 PM by Jason Oxenham with 1 comment

Your Future

In the future, everyone will be happy. And everyone will be sad.
I know this because I live in the future. By the time you read this post, it will be in the past, but I am in the future now as you read this. And it is still true, regardless.

In the future, people will continue to do stupid meaningless shit...
However, other people will put meaning and legitimacy into everything they do. I know this, too, even though this post is speaking to you from the past. I have calculated the probabilities of people behaving without meaning. It’s very favorable. Also the probability of some people behaving meaningfully is very strong. It is mere mathematics.
One more important thing I wish to report about the future is that people will still be unable to predict the Powerball numbers, and they will keep trying.

I can not bear to expand this with examples and illustrations which would only narrow the context and would render it less meaningful.
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