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June 9, 2011

Published 11:07 PM by Jason Oxenham with 15 comments

Monkeys - The role played by the little samanera

As students who follow the literature you all have red the prose "Monkeys". If  it is not I force you to leave that page and come back after reading the prose one two times. Before get into here I also suggest you to read my first post about Monkeys. That is enough. Now directly we are focus our attention towards the question.

Discuss the role played by the little Samanera.

  Punyakanthi Wijenaike, in her prose, untold s the character of a mischievous child who was gifted to the hermitage at the age of six years.
This story is woven around him showing us an innocent child who had deprived the love and affection of parents. His immature nature doesn't permit him to understand the disciplined life. Therefore he was drawn to the nature automatically which he keeps it as secret. 
                                 "No one in the hermitage knew about his daily meeting with the monkeys"
 He might not have understand what a disciplined life is. He had to spend amid many restrictions which can't be followed. When a person put on a robe, he must be more patient, and disciplined. But the little samanera seems not to understand what an ordain life is. It's because he's having contacts with the monkeys which he mustn't do. To our knowledge a six years old child seeking love from adults is quite natural. Therefore this samanera too tries to find the lost love even from the monkeys.
     "When he touched the monkeys and they touched him, he touched love"
                His contact with the monkeys is so strong that it was very difficult for him to forger them . He was eagerly waiting for the leisure hour between twelve noon to one o'clock to meet monkeys. Punyakante Wijenaike shows us the child who isn't matured enough to understand the life style of a monk. We see a small child who is unable to get up at 4 o'clock and attend the duties assigned to him. He has to attend meditations even though he doesn't like them. What he's thinking even during the meditation is his contact with nature.
    "He found it difficult to keep his mind on his breathing, knowing that in a little while, he would witness glory of the sunrise over the hills"
           Yet he couldn't keep his meeting with the monkeys as a secret after their invasion the hermitage compound. When he feared and the other priests smiled at the invasion of the monkeys. The chief priest become very tactful in advising the little samanera. There we see a Samanera who is very obedient and listens to the advice given by the chief priest. At the end we notice a change of the small samanera that he gave up the meeting with monkeys. The fact is that he was made understand by the chief priest how fortunate he was to born man. So that, the small samanera plays a significant role starting as a mischievous, playful child and later becoming and understanding as a disciplined Samanera.
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  9. The role of the little Samanera is nicely explained. Good answer.Thank you.thankyou for the answer the answer was very usfull for me. thankyou again

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