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June 7, 2011

Published 8:53 AM by Jason Oxenham with 7 comments

Villa For Sale

Villa For Sale - Sacha Guitry

I think as a literature lover people all of you have red this drama and enjoyed it. If not first read VILLA FOR SALE.(click here to download Villa For Sale.pdf )

1. The drama Villa for Sale shows how Gaston outwits women in the drama. Comment

In my point of view - the whole drama itself is a satire (wrote with one intention, to ridicule a person in the form of a poem or a play). Here Gaston is a witty character and throughout the drama he does not agree with Jeanne thinking that this villa is impossible. His words are short but very thoughtful. He is extremely witty and clever in his replies.
"On the principle of people who like children
and haven't any can always go live near a school"
As the summary we can conclude that the use of a character like Gaston enhanced the thoughts of the writer thus helping the reader visualize what the real story is about.

By another post I have described all the the characters of Villa For Sale.Because I haven't putt it in here I thought it is boring read a such long post at once.  
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  1. i think the main theme of the drama is money minding

  2. the drama is money minding

  3. there is much more to this poem. i.e. male dominance in society, ethnic discrimination,gullibilityof women and capitalism

  4. It's mainly about making profit. All five characters intend to make profit in different ways.